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Boudoir App

Our team was tasked with integrating new features into a closet-organization app.

The Challenge

The maker of the Boudoir app asked us to identify, spec out and and design the next product iteration with the goal of differentiating Boudoir from the other 27+ similar apps in the market.


Boudoir App




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The Result

We discovered that the critical feature of all the closet organization apps is the addition of clothes, yet none of the current closet organization apps do this in an efficient manner. So we built a prototype that let our users import and identify their clothing in HALF the steps of the nearest competitor.

Along the way, we also added the ability to create outfits and schedule wearing them on a calendar-both top feature requests by our user base.
Finally, research turned up a much younger current user base then the app was originally developed for-so we developed appropriate rebranding suggestions.
Curious? Take a look at our prototype

How We Got There

Research, Analysis, Design, Test, Repeat.

Identifying the Users

Our research and surveys indicated that the market needed a good closet organizing app. But we were surprised to discover that our user base skewed much younger than the app was developed for. This insight affected everything we did on the project.

Simplifying the MVP

We licensed a fashion clothing ID engine, retooled the UI and reduced the clothing on-boarding steps to 6. The closest competitor takes 11 steps to add every item of clothing to their app.

Lo-fi Development

Our users asked for functionality to create looks and schedule them. We sketched out these improvements and user-tested our solutions


Finally, our user surveys led us to conclude that new branding might be appropriate for a young user base. We tested this conclusion by creating a placeholder brand and testing our demographic.

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